And now a message from Dan Warner…


OMG, TLW fans!!!

What a start to the New Year. So many cool things in the works, we don’t know where to start. So we won’t. Thanks for reading.

LOL – JK!!! Well, as you all know from our very subtle awareness movement, we are all systems go on our Kickstarter campaign. At the time this issue went to print, we were banging on the door of the magical $2,000 mark. A VERY big thanks to all who have pledged so far. It is appreciated beyond words. And to those who have yet to pledge but are going to, do it already.

If we break the $3,000 goal, we are going to look at adding some stretch goals, so if any of you in Cyberland have good ideas on what some of these goals/rewards could be, speak now or forever hold your piece [sic].

On the gig front, we had our first show with the new lineup, and there was some actual magic happening on stage. Seriously: Walt pulled a rabbit out of his pants. There are some great things happening to the sound, too, and we can’t wait for y’all to hear it. We will keep you posted as always on upcoming shows so you may join us and enjoy the goodness for yourselves.

Also: STUDIO DATES ARE BOOKED! Yep campers, we will be going into the studio in the coming weeks to start nutting out the old debut album. We have reworked some old favorites as well as adding some great new songs to TLW repertoire, and we cannot wait to get these bad boys on tape and share them with the world. This is going to be a great record as we are finally pinpointing what from now until forever will be known as “The Lost Wheels Sound.”

Keep checking our Facebook page and Twitter feeds for updates on the Kickstarter campaign, happy snaps from the studio and all other things TLW.

Happy New Year to you all.

Cheers and other drinking words,

The Lost Wheels

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