Kickstarter Album Update: We’re still alive. We’re still working. We’re still making music happen.

The Lost Wheels in the Studio with Mike Marston

Greetings Wheelies! We’re still alive. We’re still working. We’re still making music happen. We’re still getting the album done. Sorry we’ve been away for a while— we’ve been busy ROCKING OUT!

So here’s the update: our producer, Mike Marston, has been hip deep in our mixes, sending us tracks every few days, asking for opinions and critiques, and making us sound as awesome as possible. Possibly awesomer than we should sound, but hey, that’s how it goes.

Our album art is coming along nicely, with artist Collin David handling the project. He’s an amazing illustrator and friend of the band, so when we’re a little closer to a more finished looking prototype, don’t worry—we’ll be sharing it here.

T-shirts are ready to order, so expect a survey in your inbox asking for sizing information. That one’s pretty self-explanatory…

And we’ve also got a song! One of our funding reward levels was to write a personalized song for a backer, and that’s just what we did. In fact, one turned out so well, we’ve incorporated it into our set-list. May we present to you: “(Mindy) Transcendent Flight Attendant.”

But the hits don’t stop there! We are working with an amazing venue to host our record release party in mid November, and we’ll share details about that very soon.

So there you have it. Things are happening! WHEELS are in motion! (Yeah, we went there.) Stay tuned for more info, and keep an eye out for the t-shirt survey in your inbox.

Thanks again for your support—we truly appreciate it.
– Walt, Warner, B. Rub, Deez, Fred



  1. Kathy – Absolutely be!luifut!!a! you have once again captured the best moments in their lives and ours!!! and your comments are so touching to the heart! We are all a truly blessed family!thanks Betsy!!

  2. marchello Marchello is er klaar voor!We gaan er een onvergetelijke avond van maken.En nu m’n maatje er niet bij kan zijn zal ik zeker op zoek gaan naar zar;srs/zangeneseeng-)Eens kijken of er in jullie familie en vrienden talent schuilt.Wordt gezellig!

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