The Lost Wheels Blog – 10/10/2012

Walt, searching for our gold-plated limousines.

Hey there, TLW fandom. Well, after a couple of weeks of lying low and strategizing, we are happy to announce some exciting new projects and developments. Firstly:


You heard it here first folks (unless, of course, you saw our Facebook post and brief website announcement about it, in which case, shut up)! The Lost Wheels will be making their TV debut on October 19 at 7 pm on “Almanac” on TPT. Check local guides for details!

We’ve always wanted to say that.

We would love to know what you guys would like to hear for our two songs on the show, so let us know on Twitter (@thelostwheels) or Facebook (

We successfully got through our first covers gig at Gluek’s last month. They have hinted they would like us back on a more regular basis, so once we have some more dates locked in, we will be calling all cars to come and enjoy some Thursday fun.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our planned trip to the Windy City has been postponed, but we will still be sharing the stage with Chicago based The Boombox Face and local band Cry for Iris at the 400 Bar on October 26. Doors open at 7 30 and tickets will be $5. Now THAT is a good deal, ain’t it?

That was rhetorical. Don’t answer that.

As always, we have plenty of gigs coming up, and you can get all the necessary info on, or on the aforementioned Facebook page, which begs the question – Where would YOU like to see us play? Given that we will play anywhere, because we have no shame, we would rather you guys be comfortable in your preferred surroundings. So send us some suggestions on cool venues you may know, or places you have seen us play already where you had good times you would like to apply, rinse and repeat.

So, tune in to Almanac on TPT, 10/19 at 7 pm, come out to the 400 Bar on 10/26, and get online and BUY OUR EP.



Until next time!

The Lost Wheels

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