The Lost Wheels Blog – 10/30/12


What makes a good band a great band? Fans—all kinds of fans, really. Desk fans, ceiling fans, and, most importantly, music fans. That’s YOU folks.

What we are getting at is this: we are so grateful to all who keep coming to our shows, buying our EP and chiming in with “likes,” “comments,” and their own photos on our website and Facebook.

As a reward for your loyalty, we are going to take the month of December to work on new material, polish what we already have and basically work at being the best band we can be for you guys (and for us too. It’s not all about you, you know).

We are currently brainstorming, thought-showering, and idea-thundering new tunes, new plans and other such wonderfulness, including, but not limited to, our first ever music video! You heard (or, uh, read) us correctly, leagues of loyal minions. The Lost Wheels are currently mapping out ideas for a music video to along with one of our award-winning songs. As luck would have it, this was a very easy process as we currently have no award winning songs. So, we went back to the drawing board and started to plan around one of our regular old unheralded numbers. The creative juices are well and truly bubbling and flowing!

We are also working with some new venues for shows, as well as trying our hand at soliciting shamelessly to agents, labels, old folks homes etc., so if your friend’s brother’s cousin’s neighbor’s former college roommate knows a guy who went to a club that Dan Auerbach has heard of, we want to talk to them.

Thanks again all, and we will see you at a show soon.

Peace and stuff,

The Lost Wheels

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