The Lost Wheels Blog 9/4/2012

The Lost Wheels CD Release Party @ 331 Club

What’s that you say, multitudes of adoring fans and ravenous public? You want to read more about The Lost Wheels in blog form? Well, consider your prayers, wishes and secret desires answered, all in requested blog form, for now, we give you…The Lost Wheels Blog (please note that all creative energies are going into new music and not blog titles).

Who came to the EP launch this past weekend? Oh, you did, huh? And did you have fun? Of course you did. As did we, and we can say without any doubt or risk of unnecessary hyperbole that it was probably the single greatest EP launch held at the 331 Club that weekend. Probably. We weren’t there Friday…but we totally kicked the spelling bee’s ass.

In The Lost Wheels career advancement and vocational development news, it looks like we will finally be hitting the road in October. The Wheels are definitely in motion on this one (pun intended, unless you hate puns…then, you know, no pun intended), and we will keep you updated on venues. We can say that there will be a Minneapolis show to kick off the tour.

Gigs, gigs and more gigs! More than one show coming up in September. On the 14th – a Friday for those wondering, so no “school night” excuses please – we will be battling the best bands of the Twin Cities at Station 4 in St Paul. Times to be confirmed so keep checking the website and Facebook for details.

A question that is often asked of us is “Why don’t you have a Tuba player?” We do. So stop asking. Also, “Do you guys play any covers?” Usually, we say “no”, and that’s it. But then we said, “Maybe we should play covers.” So, starting on September 20th, we will be doing a 50/50 split TLW originals/cover gig at Gluek’s in downtown Minneapolis. For those interested in how this came about, please refer to the below transcript form the last The Lost Wheels meeting:

Dan – “You guys wanna do a cover gig at Gluek’s?”

Walt, Brian, and Evan, in unison – “Sure.”

Good talk indeed. This is how you get things done.

Well, too much of a good thing, etc., etc., so here ends the first of our blog entries. Feel free to add comments on content, poor attempts at worse comedy, or even where you would like to see us play. We, being a devoted and conscientious band ever-willing to please, will take all advice and criticism on board.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you guys at upcoming gigs. Also, please feel free to post any pictures/video you have on our Facebook page. Sharing is caring people. Sharing is caring.

Cheers and other nice things,


– The Lost Wheels

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